The Kansas City Figure Skating Club is open to anyone with an interest in the sport and offers a variety of membership categories (as shown below).


The Kansas City FSC Membership Portal is where you can renew or purchase a Kansas City FSC membership, update your account details (address, emails, phone, etc.), and sign-up for volunteer opportunities or tests.


Dues are determined by membership category and some are eligible for discounts from volunteer service to the club. Annual membership runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.


Membership Application


Volunteer Details & Benefits

All members are asked to use the above on-line form to submit your application.

Based on your payment method, please follow the appropriate application process:

1)  Credit Card Payment - Please complete the above form and go through the PayPal process to complete your payment. You can pay with a credit card or with PayPal, whichever option works best for you. Once your payment is complete, you will receive two email confirmations, one for your membership application and one for your payment through PayPal. If you do not receive both emails, please contact Kathleen Ogren at to confirm that your transaction was completed.

2) Check Payment - Please complete the above online form and submit to be taken to the PayPal process. Once you get to the PayPal screen, you are finished. You will receive an email confirmation to the email account you listed on your application. Please print that email and mail it with your check payment to:

         Kathleen Ogren

         14504 NW 74th St

         Parkville, Missouri 64152

Your check and online application will be matched together when both are received by the club to complete the processing of your application. If you do not receive your email confirmation to the email account you listed in your application, please contact Kathleen Ogren at to confirm your transaction was completed.

Membership Type

Annual Dues

Family Membership

One skating member and parent(s). At least one parent is required to join the club if the skater is under 18, and members 18 and over have voting privileges. One subscription to Skating magazine is included. Other skaters within the family (beyond 1st skater and parents) join as additional skaters.



Additional skaters with Family Membership







Individual Skater Membership This membership is for individual skaters 18 and older. This membership has voting privileges and one subscription to Skating magazine is included.


Introductory Membership

This membership is offered to skaters who have never previously held U.S. Figure Skating membership.  Introductory membership is for skaters (under 18) and one parent. One parent is required to join the club and the member parent has voting privileges. One subscription to Skating magazine is included.


1. The Introductory membership is only available the first year in the club.  Subsequent years need to move up to a family, collegiate, or individual membership.


2.  Any skater that has held membership in another club or U.S. Figure Skating prior to joining KCFSC must join as a family, collegiate or individual member (whichever applies).



Additional introductory skaters













Non-Home Club Membership
Any person holding Home Club membership in a U.S. Figure Skating Club other than KCFSC.  NO voting privileges, subscriptions or stipends are included. This membership does have JoCo Club Ice privileges. $55
Professional Home Club Membership This coaching membership includes voting privileges and subscription to Skating magazine. This membership type allows for teaching on JoCo Club Ice after receiving approval from the KCFSC Board of Directors.


Patron Membership A non-skating member with voting privileges and a subscription to Skating magazine.  This membership does not include JoCo Club Ice privileges.


Collegiate Membership This membership is for skaters 18 & over that are in college or will be starting college in the fall.  This is a FOUR YEAR membership.  This type of membership can only be used once in the lifetime of a skater.  This membership has voting privileges and a four year subscription to Skating Magazine. One time special membership price = $110
U.S. Figure Skating Officials Judge, Accountant, Technical Controller, Technical Specialist or other U.S. Figure Skating Official designating KCFSC as their Home Club.  This membership has voting privileges and one subscription to Skating magazine. Paid by KCFSC
Honorary Lifetime Membership Members elected by the Board of Directors in recognition of exemplary service to the club or competitive accomplishment in the name of the club.  Honorary Membership is granted for life, but members will be asked to register annually for record keeping purposes.  They will be exempt from annual dues, but in all respects are entitled to the rights and privileges of full membership and are subject to the bylaws of the club. Paid by KCFSC

Please note that membership prices have increased by $10.00 in response to the increased price of U.S. Figure Skating Memberships by the same amount.